Planning to be Successful

Naturally everyone wants as much from life as they can. However making the most of opportunities is no arbitrary matter.

financial-planningFinancial affairs need to be carefully planned to achieve lifestyle and financial goals. Whether aims are short term or longer term, a strong financial plan examines all financial aspects of life – cash and debt management, savings, investments, retirement needs, asset and tax planning, life and loss of earnings insurance, risk management – and organises them in a manner that provides for individual needs and makes the most of personal resources.

Such planning is no simple task. The investment market is complex and changeable, with new products and options offered regularly. Objectivity is also vital. Attending to such matters requires time, skill, experience and professional expertise.

We operate as a team so our clients benefit from our combined expertise and the expertise of a number of professional companies that we have close working relationships with. We are members of Ignite Ltd and Professional Investments Associates which has 36 professional advisers and firms located throughout New Zealand.

The Financial Planner members of the team at Financial Advice Hawke’s Bay Limited are well-qualified Financial Advisers. They must comply with the code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advisers. They are also governed by a strict Code of Ethics and assessed by Financial Advice New Zealand – the industry’s professional body – to ensure they meet stringent standards of character, education, experience, business practice and disclosure of information to clients.

You can depend on us to create opportunities for your success – and to do so in a manner that is ethical, effective, accountable and totally confidential.

A Guide to Financial Planning – CFP Guide